So, you bought a drone. What now?

Get Comfortable

The first step I am taking towards becoming an expert drone video recorder is practicing using the drone. I want to make sure that I know what every button does and how every feature works. I have been flying the Typhoon H 6 Rotor helicopter for almost a week now. I feel like it is becoming more natural to fly this aircraft, but then I watch the videos that I record.

I find myself overcorrecting when the wind picks up, I accelerate at inconsistent speeds, rotating the drone is choppy, and many other small annoyances. It is clear that I am not yet 100 percent comfortable.

What makes someone better at making a drone recorded video? Is it superb video editing skills? Is it knowing what angles to get on the “target”? Eventually I will figure this out, but right now my gut tells me my videos will improve the most with video editing skills.

Above, I linked my first video. For my very first video I would say that I am pretty happy with it, but it gets really boring half way through. I compared my video to some others I found on youtube and realized that the clips they used were all significantly shorter and the drone moved quicker.

Overall, I would say my knowledge of how to fly in order to get the best video is increasing quickly every time I use the drone. I get more confident with the drone and comfortable with my surroundings. Drones can get very expensive, so I would recommend getting comfortable with a smaller/cheaper drone first.

Make Something

Step two can be seen above in video form. It is one thing to practice flying your drone, but it is important to produce something with the time you spend. You need to up the ante. Now that you know how to bank left and right, increase the altitude while rotating the drone left or right, and landing/taking off safely, let’s make something. I chose to make a video for Village Bible Church. This would something that they could use to show off the land they have and the location relative to I-65 and Highway 31.

Most of my learning has been during the creation step. Naturally, you are going to try things differently because of the elements in that location or the goal of your video.

Keep Moving Forward

Just like any other skill, flying a drone while taking video is going to take a lot of practice and hard work. More importantly, it is going to take a lot of time. 10,000 hours is a long ways away.