Are you the slow one?

Do you keep getting the question of, “Are you done yet?” from your coworkers? If you do, please close the tab with Facebook open and read this.

In school, taking an exam can take a couple hours. The professors give you 2 hours and they say, “Take all the time you need.” So, naturally, you take the entire 120 minutes. You check over your work a dozen times and make sure your student ID is written correctly. In your mind you don’t want to turn the exam in until you absolutely have to. Unfortunately, I would recommend not doing that in the real world of Software Engineering and QA Testing.

Much like the professor, your boss is going to give you an allotted amount of time for a project. Let’s say in this situation it is 2 weeks. You know it isn’t going to take 2 weeks to actually complete the entire project. So, get it done early. You want to avoid your boss asking, “Are you done yet?” What you want to hear is, “Wait, you’re already done?”

My goal when working on a project is to make sure I am always ahead of the game. I never want anyone to wait on me to finish something. Small fixes/testing can be completed quickly and should be.

Being the slow one in the office is not always a bad thing. Just make sure you aren’t blocking Jill, Ben, AND Simon on their work too. The last thing you want to do is mimic the timeline of a government run project (i.e. roadwork).

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